Saturday, October 10, 2020

Question of the Day: "Doesn’t the Town have enough affordable housing for those who need it?"

Question of the Day: 
"Doesn’t the Town have enough affordable housing for those who need it?"

Answer: Actually, no, resoundingly no. According to the Franklin Housing Authority, the waiting list for both seniors and families is extremely long… and because there is so little turnover in the apartments we do have, the list keeps getting longer. 

Currently there are 1,252 applicants on Franklin’s one bedroom senior/disabled waiting list. We turn over about 15 units per year. We have 165 one bedroom senior/disabled units. Of the 1252 applicants, 29 are Veterans (some local) and an additional 63 are local applicants.

Franklin currently has 3,842 applicants on the Housing Authority's family waiting list. That’s right, 3,842. We have 33 units in our family stock. We have about 2 vacancies per year. Approximately 140 of these applicants are local applicants. Additionally, 57 more applicants are Veterans.

Another benefit to remember is that CPA funds can be used to help maintain our town's existing units. Recently, the Housing Authority got state funding to pay the largest part of a $2.5 Million renovation project on 40 units of senior housing. The State requires a match from other sources, and CPA funds could have helped the Town leverage the larger pot of state grant money. CPA can help tackle the cost of maintaining the units we already have.


If you have a question about how the Community Preservation Act (CPA) works, please email


The community room at Central Park Terrace
The community room at Central Park Terrace

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