Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Question of the Day: Is there really any open space left to save in Franklin?

Question of the Day: 
"Is there really any open space left to save in Franklin?"

Yes, Franklin does have many undeveloped parcels which are not currently protected in any way. Among the remaining privately owned open space are small farms, woodlots, and pockets of forest which today serve as buffers for wildlife and also contribute to scenic landscapes along roads all around Franklin. The private woodlots and small farms you see driving around are at risk of development just as so many have been over the past 50 years.

Franklin also still has hundreds of acres of land classified as Private Recreation, as well as farms and woodlots, on which the Town will have the right of first refusal if there is a change in use. These areas are enrolled in a state tax reduction program called Chapter 61. 

Franklin will be updating its last Open Space & Recreation Plan soon and the new plan can help guide decisions on how to invest the open space and recreation “bucket” of the Community Preservation fund. 

If you have a question about how the Community Preservation Act (CPA) works, please email CPA4Franklin@gmail.com

Open Space & Recreation Plan
Open Space & Recreation Plan


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