Sunday, October 4, 2020

Question of the Day: Two questions

Questions of the Day:  

1 - Who decides how Franklin’s CPA funds would be spent? 

Once CPA is approved, the town will create a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) which will include representatives from town boards and commissions including the Conservation Commission, Recreation board, Planning Board, Affordable Housing Authority, and the Historical Commission (or individuals performing like duties if they have not been established). There will be not less than 5, not more than 9 on the CPC. 


2 - How will Franklin decide which projects will be funded? 

The approval process starts with the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) which will receive applications for projects. Those applications can come from any citizen or group, or from a Town Committee. The applications are fully reviewed by the CPC before being recommended to the Town Council. 

No CPA funds can be spent unless first approved and positively recommended by the CPC. If the CPC says ‘no’, then no CPA funds can be spent on it. 

The Town Council, as Franklin’s legislative body, has the final say on what CPA funds are spent, but cannot exceed the CPC recommended amount for any project. In other words, both the CPC and Town Council have to agree to spend the money. 


If you have a question about how the Community Preservation Act (CPA) works, please email


The old South Meeting House
The old South Meeting House

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