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What can the Community Preservation Act help fund for Franklin?

What can Community Preservation Act (CPA) help fund?
Since CPA was established in 2000, 177 cities and towns have adopted it. The following is a list of projects made possible by local Community Preservation Funds. 
According to the Community Preservation Coalition (CPC), over $2.35 BILLION has been raised in these communities, and more than 12,000 individual CPA projects have been approved.

Medway, Millis, Norfolk, Wrentham, Holliston, Mendon, Plainville and many Metro-west towns have adopted CPA. Here are just some of the recent community improvements that have been made possible by their local CPA funds. 
Historic Preservation
• Medway: Historic Structure Report for Jacob Ide House, 158 Main St
• Millis: Niagra Fire House This project is a continuation of the preservation and restoration of the historic Niagara Fire House dating from 1879. Work funded uincludes, but is not limited to completion of lighting installation, fire alarms, kitchen casework and fixtures, trim, interior storm glass for cases and miscellaneous exhibits.
• Mendon: Historical Commission needed an overhead scanner for digitizing historical documents.
• Holliston: Assist the Holliston Historical Society with the construction of a climate-controlled storage area for the preservation of documents and textiles significant to the history of the Town of Holliston.
• Braintree, Gloucester, and Norfolk: Restoration of historic paintings and murals
• Norfolk: Restoration and preservation of historic vital records
• Norfolk: Restoration of the Norfolk Grange building

Community Housing
• Norfolk: Assist the MHTF in purchasing units/homes for the purpose of providing low income housing
• Medway: Affordable Housing Units on West Street 48 Units
• Mendon: Position to coordinate the Town's affordable housing projects, 2016-2019
• Holliston: Provide additional funding to support affordable housing initiatives in Holliston, including additional funds for a Habitat for Humanity project and to support the opportunistic purchase for rehabilitation and resale with affordability restrictions of existing units within the community.
• Wrentham: Housing Authority Improvements 
Open Space and Recreation
• Norfolk: H Olive Day school is resurfacing playground Norfolk
• Norfolk: Install an irrigation system and well to to maintain landscaping for five athletic fields located at the Freeman Kennedy School
• Medway: Funds improvements to the playgrounds at the Burke-Memorial Elem. School, 16 Cassidy Ln, and the McGovern Elem. School, 4 Lovering St. Medway
• Medway: Kiosk and signs were placed along the trails within the town. 5 kiosks and signs Medway
• Medway Park Rehab: Monies were allocated to update 2 parks and the Middle School tennis courts in Medway... Choate Park - new splash pad, updating of playground, reorganization of area Medway Middle School: New/refurbish tennis courts Oakland Park - upgrade to playground area, more parking spots, new concession area
• Holliston: Stoddard Park rehabilitation. $168,500 in fiscal 2016 Community Preservation Fund General Reserve to assist the Parks and Recreation Department with the rehabilitation of the tennis and basketball courts at Stoddard Park
• Holliston: Assist the Upper Charles Conservation Land Trust with the construction of boardwalks within the Wenakeening Woods conservation land
• Norfolk: Creation of a playground at the former Gump’s Farm in Norfolk
• Wrentham: Rice Complex Playground (5 year project)
• Medway: Updating of current Open Space Plan on file State requires update every 5 years
• Mendon: Preservation of working farm and woodland (in cooperation with MA state agencies)
• Mendon: Muddy Brook Uplands: Purchase a 97-acre parcel near Lake Nipmuc
• Norfolk: Purchase of Gump’s Farm in Norfolk 
• Holliston: Development of an environmental management plan for controlling invasive weeds in Lake Winthrop 
• Norfolk: Update the Open Space and Recreation Plan
• Wrentham: Lakes Archer, Mirror, and Pearl Weed Control Projects
• Wrentham: Open Space and Recreation Plan

To see the complete database of CPA projects, which is searchable by town, type of project and year, follow this link:
What can the Community Preservation Act help fund for Franklin?
What can the Community Preservation Act help fund for Franklin?


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