Thursday, December 17, 2020

Town Council approves creation of Community Preservation Committee

It's official! 
Franklin Town Council unanimously passed the by-law to create the 9-member Community Preservation Committee (CPC) last night! Please tell your Town Council members THANK YOU!

Town Administrator Jamie Hellen said last night he expects to announce applications for the four at-large seats will be available in January. The 5 boards which have standing representatives will also begin work to consider which of each committee's current members wishes to serve on the initial CPC. 

If you are considering applying for either an at-large seat or a board rep seat, please know that training will be available through the Town and our friends at the state coalition!

Two of the initial at-large seats will have one year terms, and two will have two year terms to stagger the terms. 
Applications will be reviewed by the Town Administrator and final appointments will be made by the Council. Watch for postings sometime next month.