Group Endorsements

350 Mass - https://www.cpaforfranklin.org/2020/10/350-mass-endorses-cpa-for-franklin.html

Individual Endorsements
Susan Speers 
 “I have watched for years as towns around us have used CPA to save the places they care about. CPA will give Franklin a ‘savings account’ so the town can save special places residents care about. There is still a good deal of woodland left here and it would be smart to plan now to protect it.” 
Rev. Kathy McAdams, Rector of St John's Episcopal Church
"Housing a basic human need, and a basic human right. CPA funds will enable us to provide affordable housing for our most vulnerable citizens, preventing them from having to leave Franklin, and more importantly, preventing them from falling into homelessness due to the high cost of housing." 
Mary Olsson
“CPA money is already used in many Massachusetts towns to benefit their communities in numerous -ways. Money that is automatically raised by Franklin residents, through real estate transactions, is being spent by other towns, because we have not adopted the program. CPA money could be used to help preserve important historic resources such as the Old South Meeting House on Washington Street, the Oliver Pond Home, and so much more." 
Maria Lucier
“The CPA provides funding for open spaces, historic preservation, and affordable housing, and helps towns and cities preserve the character of their communities. Those that are upset with development in town should champion this. As a bonus, it may help us eventually be able to upgrade our popular dog park with a water fountain!"
Judith Pond Pfeffer
“The City that calls itself a Town, Franklin is greatly in need of affordable housing for seniors and for families. At present there are only two senior housing properties, where Senior apartments are located, Eaton Place and the Franklin Housing Authority. The waiting list for a one-bedroom apartment is over three (3) years. Our seniors have spent their lives and effort making Franklin Great and keeping Franklin Strong!

We, as a community, owe it to our seniors to have sustainable housing when they age. The Community Preservation Act (CPA) will greatly assist in providing funds towards more senior affordable housing and in adding funds for more housing for families. “
Representative Jeffrey N. Roy (D-Franklin)
 “I strongly support question 3 and urge people to vote yes in favor of the Community Preservation Act (CPA).  A yes vote will allow Franklin to raise money that can be used to acquire, create and preserve open space, historic resources, community housing, and for recreational use. It also includes a significant State matching fund, which provides millions of additional dollars for CPA communities. It’s an effective investment that will make life better for our residents, and help with initiatives that build community, promote housing stability, and provide support for people of all ages."

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